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1. Which devices can the Q7 thermostat control?

-The switch room thermostat COMPUTHERM Q7 is suitable for controlling the vast majority of boiler and air conditioning systems on the EU market. It can be easily connected to any gas boiler or air conditioning system with a two-wire room thermostat connection point, regardless of whether it is a 24 V or 230 V control circuit. It is also suitable for controlling electrical and electronic devices that can be turned on and off by removing and then turning the power supply back on.

2. Is 230 V required for the thermostat drive?

-No. The thermostat requires 2 x 1.5 V alkaline batteries (type LR6; size AA).

3. What should I do if the device can be switched on but the 230 V voltage does not appear?

-The device has potential-free (voltage-free) output connection points, so that by default the 230 V voltage is not applied to its outputs, but only closes the two connected wires or interrupts the connection between them. If a 230 V mains voltage is to be displayed at the output when the device is switched on, a mains phase cable must be connected to connection point 1 or 2 of the device according to the operating instructions. Before connecting, make sure that the phase phase is voltage-free and that the connection is carried out by a qualified person!

4. How can I change the temperature?  (Displayed)

- From the buttons on the front of the thermostat, briefly press the SET button once. Then briefly press the DAY button and then immediately the HOLD button. The display then shows CAL and you can use the +/- key to change the displayed temperature from the measured value.

5. What does  "LO" or "HI"  in the display instead of temperature?

-This means that the temperature measured by the device is outside the measuring range of the temperature sensor: LO is too low and HI is too high. This can occur when the device is in an extremely cold or hot environment when the temperature sensor is physically damaged.


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