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Computherm TR-010

Computherm TR-010

VAT Included

Mechanical room thermostat


It is a conventional mechanically-operated room thermostat which is primarily recommended wherever reliability and easy handling are important. Its operation does not require any auxiliary energy, i.e. batteries need not be replaced.

Color: White

The thermostat should be placed on the wall of a regularly used room, 1.5m high where it is
in the manner of natural air movement, but rather draft or other special heat exposure
(Sunshine, refrigerator, fireplace, etc.) cannot affect it. In the case that the radiator valves with
Thermostat controller installed in the room where the thermostat should be placed so that it is in the manual
Change controls. In this case, the thermostat controller
do not cause any problems in the heating system.
The room thermostat in response to a temperature change in the room provides a floating electrical
Opening / closing contact with the set temperature. to a temperature below the set value
the output terminals 1 and 3, while the closed output terminals 1 and 4 are open. At a
Temperature above the set value of output ports 1 and 3 are open while the
Output terminals 1 and 4 are closed.

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