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Computherm T30RF

Computherm T30RF

VAT Included

The COMPUTHERM T30RF room thermostat

can control the vast majority of the boilers and air conditioning systems sold in Europe. Can be easily connected to any gas boiler with a two-wire connection, and also to any air conditioning system or any other electronic device with a 24 V or 230 V control circuit.

The digital display is simple. It can regulate and measure the temperature more precisely than conventional thermostats. By controlling the heating, the thermostat turns on the boiler or another heating device below it, while keeping it above the set one

Turns off temperature and while providing comfort, it helps reduce the cost of energy. By controlling the cooling, the thermostat works in exactly the opposite way.

The device has two units. The first is a portable one

Control unit (thermostat), the other is responsible for controlling the boiler. The two units are connected to each other wirelessly (using radio frequency), so there is no need to set up a wired deployment.

The two units are original coordinates. The thermostat and
the recipients each have their own security code, the

guarantees safe operation of the device. See installation, connection and coordination of the boiler control unit in chapter 8.

In order to extend the life of the elements, the thermostat does not send continuously, but repeats the commands every 10 minutes. In this way, heating / cooling control is guaranteed even after a power failure.
The portability of the thermostat offers the following advantages:

- It is not necessary to set up a hard-wired insert
which is an advantage when modernizing buildings.

- The optimal placement of the device can be
needs to be determined.

- Its use is beneficial when you have the thermostat on
want to set up in different locations (e.g. during the day in
Living room, but at night in the bedroom).
The range of the transmitter installed in the thermostat is (in

Free) approx. 100 m. This distance can be reduced considerably,
especially if a metal structure, a reinforced concrete wall in
enters the path of radio waves.

Color: White

Technical data of the thermostat (transmitter):
- Temperature measuring range: 9.9 ° C - +50 ° C (in steps of 0.1 ° C)
- Adjustable temperature range: +5 ° C - +30 ° C (in steps of 0.5 ° C)
- Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.5 ° C
- Temperature calibration range: ± 8.0 ° C (in steps of 0.5 ° C)
- Switching sensitivity: ± 0.2 ° C
- Storage temperature: 20 ° C ... +60 ° C
- Battery size: 2 x 1.5 V AAA ALKALINE batteries (LR03)
- Expected battery life: approx. 1 year
- Protection against environmental influences: IP30
- Operating frequency: 433 MHz
- Range: approx. 100 m in open space
- Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 27.5 mm
- Weight: 75 g
- Type of temperature sensor: NTC 3950 K 10 kΩ ± 1% at 25 ° C

Technical data of the receiver:
- Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
- Power consumption in standby mode: max. 0.01 W.
- Switchable voltage: max. 24 V DC / 240 V AC
- Switchable current: 7 A (inductive load: 2 A)
- Protection against environmental influences: IP30
- Dimensions: 85 x 90 x 27.5 mm
- Weight: 110 g
Total weight of the device: 210 g (thermostat + receiver + console)

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