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Computherm RF (TX)

Computherm RF (TX)

VAT Included

Wireless receiver unit (radio-frequency) for COMPUTHERM room thermostats


Room thermostat receiver COMPUTHERM Q7RF (RX) is suitable to operate together with wireless room thermostats COMPUTHERM Q3RF, COMPUTHERM Q5RF, COMPUTHERM Q7RF and COMPUTHERM Q8RF.

The COMPUTHERM Q7RF (RX) type switched-mode room thermostat receiver controlled by a wireless COMPUTHERM room thermostat is suitable to regulate the overwhelming majority of boilers and air conditioners. It can easily be connected to any gas boiler or air conditioning device that has a double wire connector for a room thermostat, regardless of whether it has a 24 V or 230 V control circuit. The receiving unit controls the connected gas boiler or another electric device according to signals coming from the room thermostat switch.

If you want to make your gas convector controllable with a room thermostat using COMPUTHERM KonvekPRO and a COMPUTHERM wireless room thermostat and you wish to control several gas heaters with a single room thermostat, you can accomplish this task by means of a COMPUTHERM Q7RF (RX) receiver unit. A single COMPUTHERM wireless room thermostat can be synchronized with several COMPUTHERM Q7RF (RX) receiver units at the same time, and this make simultaneous control of several gas convectors feasible. The Q7RF (RX) receiver can be paired with Q-series radio frequency devices purchased after 2016.

The most important technical data of the receiver unit:

  • Power supply voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Switchable voltage: max. 30 V DC / 250 V AC
  • Switchable current: 6 A (2 A inductive load)
  • Transmission distance: approx. 50 m in open terrain
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