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Computherm Q7

Computherm Q7

34,90 €Price
VAT Included

The room thermostat type COMPUTHERM Q7

with switching operation is for regulation
by the overwhelming majority of commercially available boiler and air conditioning systems

suitable. It is simply connected to any gas boiler with a two-line
Room thermostat connection point or air conditioning can be connected, independently

whether this has a 24V or 230V control circuit.
The device can be programmed according to individual requirements so that
the heating (cooling) system of your home or office in the of
It heats (cools) to any temperature, and
in addition to ensuring comfort to reduce energy costs
contributes. For each day of the week can be separated, one completely from each other
independent daily temperature program can be entered.
1 recorded daily (PROG 0) and 6 freely selectable (PROG 1 - PROG 6)
Switching times (can be set in 10 minute steps) and closed
Each switching time can have a different freely selectable temperature (in 0.5 ° C
The switching sensitivity of the thermostat can be set to ± 0.1 ° C, ± 0.2 ° C (factory setting
Basic setting) or ± 0.3 ° C can be set to. Below is that
Temperature difference to understand that between the set temperature
and is the temperature actually measured when it was switched on.

Color: White
  • Adjustable temperature range: 5 to 40 °C (in 0.5 °C increments)
  • Temperature measurement range: 3 to 45 °C (in 0.1 °C increments)
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5 °C
  • Temperature calibration range: ±3 °C (in 0.1 °C increments)
  • Selectable switching sensitivity: ±0.1 °C; ±0.2 °C; ±0.3 °C
  • Switchable voltage: max. 30 V DC / 250 V AC
  • Switchable current: 8 A (2 A inductive load)
  • Battery voltage: 2 x 1.5 V AA ALKALINE batteries (LR6 type)
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